[linux-audio-user] RE: [linux-audio-dev] Report from the ICMC

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at fuse.net
Mon Nov 8 23:38:30 EST 2004

> Stuff I wanted to demo but ran out of time:
> *Hdsp latency/performance
> *RTcmix synthesis language
> *Supercollider
> *Csound
> Etc.

Hi all,

I just read my blurb that I posted after arriving home and being completely
exhausted from the trip, and realized that it did not exactly reflect what I
meant to say, namely that the above list is in no way final as I certainly
forgot to demo many more great apps such as Muse, Muse Score, Lilypond, etc.

In short, just if I did not mention your app on this list does not mean that
I somehow did not intend on showing it or thought any less of it ;-)

Best wishes,


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