[linux-audio-user] USB audio and MIDI (two ports)

Rick Henry rhenry at ac-technologies.com
Mon Nov 15 15:30:57 EST 2004

Well, I feel silly.

I had a backup on another hard drive of my old SUSE 9.1 config, so I took a
look at it.  Looks like YAST wasn't putting in the alias for the second I/F
(the UM2).  I manually added it in and all is well now.  

Also on the plus side, SUSE 9.2 seems a bit more tuned as far as not seeing as
many XRUNS goes.  I can load up a piece with 20-22 MIDI tracks (some muted and
unmuted), plus another 8-10 softsynth tracks (albeit not very busy, musically)
and not see XRUNS.  

Granted, I also upgraded the hard drive (bigger, faster), so that probably
helps as well.



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