[linux-audio-user] Re: Cultural differences [Wandering OT]

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sun Nov 28 21:22:24 EST 2004

Last Monday 29 November 2004 00:11, Mark Knecht was like:
> Interesting. I have no such view, but logically I shouldn't, right?
> I'm stuck in the middle of being Imperial so I cannot see the
> guillotine coming down on my neck, can I? ;-)

Kind of, but I won't hold it against you personally ;-] It was a _very_ 
sweeping generalisation.

> From this side of th epond it looks like American manufacuring
> enginuity making a product that the world wants (Coke or Pepsi, it
> don't matter...) and the socialists being upset that they didn't think
> of it first. ;-) 

Actually, the Indians have now found a use for Coke - as a pesticide!

> Before I get flamed, I do understand tht the US got 
> it's hed handed to it on a platter in the 1980's by the Japanese, what
> with cars and semiconductors, and it probably will have many more of
> these experiences in the future. That said, I'm guessing you'd agree
> that you're better off having the vote even on that side of the pond?
> ;-)

Well, yeah, over here the political parties even have different colours! 
Although it has to be said that voting only encourages them. ;-]


tim hall

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