[linux-audio-user] [OT] Copyrights [was: Re: Behringer [was: Re: RME is no more]]

Tim Orford tim at orford.org
Mon Nov 29 13:40:14 EST 2004

On Mon, Nov 29, 2004 at 11:14:34AM -0500, Joe Hartley wrote:
> check out Darl's rant yourself: http://www.sco.com/copyright/

thanks for the explanation:-)
I must admit that i havnt been following SCO or Groklaw for the same
reason i dont play Neverwinter Nights. Some things are just *too*

> > just to be clear, i'm making an esoteric distinction between the
> > ownership of a copyright (which can be bought and sold), and the
> > ownership of the "expression of an idea" itself.
> Hmmm, a very fine hair to split.  The "expression of an idea" can be
> copyrighted, and if it is, then they become one and the same.
> [...]

they are certainly very close, but it does seem to me that strictly 
speaking they are not identical. I'm not qualified to say for sure tho. 

and perhaps it acts as a behaviour modifier to the copyright owner if
they perceive that 'their' idea (or its expression), belongs to
mankind and that they are merely given temporary stewardship of it?

[ok, enough bullshit from me i think!]

best regards
Tim Orford

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