[linux-audio-user] Firewire HW

luke at chipcity.com.au luke at chipcity.com.au
Mon Nov 29 18:43:18 EST 2004


29Nov2004 @ 10:05 Reuben Martin thusly spake
> Wouldn't all these
> problems be fixed and everybody be happy, users, OSS advocates, and
> hardware manufactures if rather than dealing with drivers, a robust
> pro-audio transport standard specification was created for 1394?
> Something similar to how you can plug in any DV cam with firewire and
> "it just works" (tm)?
> How hard would it be to get all these developers, or at least a
> siginificant portion of them, to sit down and hammer out a firewire
> proaudio spec they would all be willing to support?

Have you tried? 

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