[linux-audio-user] My experiences

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Wed Oct 6 17:34:26 EDT 2004

Well, my studio has never been such an exciting place as it has been
this last week. The reason is all those great developers on this and
other groups who have been developing and evolving this most brilliant
audio solution. I am currently running TAP reverbED, JACK Rack using
G2Reverb and Freeverb, Ardour, Qjackctl, Jamin and Rezound all on Planet

This I call my Linfx machine incorporated into my system of 3 other
standalone Windoze machines. Using a C-Port as an interface (I have 3),
I've integrated the rev's into my send/return network on the desk and
use Ardour to mix to, then Jamin to master. 

It runs all day, without any x-runs ( 512 buffer size) and my lust
factor is beginning to grow daily. 

Your efforts as a community have begun to pay off; if you setup a
machine properly on the hardware level first, then follow the elegant
and clear explanations provided by Nando (you rule guy!) even a newbie
like me can can get this up and running to this level of totally stable
functionality....for real !

I can't tell you how fantastic it is to be finally using Linux with
these outstanding apps.... and it's looking so good for the future.
My sincere congratulations to
Paul,Jan,Tom,Jack,Nando,Rui,Dave,Steve,Bob,all the LADSPA dev people and
of coarse Linus !

And a very special thanks to Dave Phillips   'cause without him I may
never have heard of any of you !

Very well done.


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