[linux-audio-user] ncurses-based MIDI step sequencer a la muse (matrix mode)?

Maarten de Boer mdeboer at iua.upf.es
Thu Oct 7 08:17:48 EDT 2004

> I've often wondered about the old ATARIs, I mean I know editing was a pain, 
> but they usually played the flipping thing flawlessly without falling over. 
> How come?

I have done some MIDI programming on the Atari. The Atari had the MIDI
interface on board, and the chip was very simple to address. And you
could easily use very accurate interrupts to do the scheduling.

And it not only played flawlessly without falling over, but even falling
over, literaly. I once stepped on a cable while performing on stage, the
atari fell down from the table, and played on without a glitch :-)


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