[linux-audio-user] rec creates empty files, play plays nothing

Markus Pott pott at rockability.de
Sat Oct 23 06:48:35 EDT 2004

Markus Pott schrieb:

> Hi millward,
> I use jack and ardour to record with succsess.
> Are you shure you configured your mixer in the right way ?
> Activating "capture" as your input device maybe solve it.
>> I've tried this for Red Hat 7.3, Slackware 9 and Slackware 10, but so 
>> far, no luck.
>> I'm trying to create a WAV file with my guitar.
>> First, I set the software mixer for line-in and line-in gain,
>> and for PCM and master volume for playback and
>> active everything on the mixer I can, just out of desperation.
>> I then use the command line in a terminal window:
>> rec -V -r44100 -c2 -s -w  new_file.wav
>>  Is this command OK or did I goof?
>> My sound card is a Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1.
>> I'm using line-in which is a blue plug on the sound card.
>> I've tried various methods to input sound, such as:
>> guitar->adapter plug->sound card line-in
>> guitar->Eurorack UB802 mixer->adapter plug->sound card line-in
>> guitar->Eurorack UB802 mixer->amplifier->adapter plug->sound card 
>> line-in
>> guitar->amplifier->adapter plug->sound card line-in
>>  I can hear my guitar input through my computer speakers so I know
>> the signal is going into the card and coming out of it.
>>    In all cases the WAV file is created with no error messages.
>> I then try to play it back using:
>>   play -V new_file.wav
>> In all cases, there is silence. Nothing at all and no error messages.
>> I've tried all kinds of variations on the rec command and have
>> set the volume higher, lower, whatever.  So far, nothing.
>> I must be doing something really dumb, but I don't know what.
>> Can anyone tell me how to create a WAV file using rec and get
>> it to play?  A couple years ago I did get good results using rec and
>> play, but I've lost the notes I made and can't remember how.
>> I'm not happy with myself for that.
>> Any information would be very welcome!

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