[linux-audio-user] rt_lpc: real-time LPC + visualization

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Oct 25 06:59:23 EDT 2004

Dear All,

Following the tradition of sndpeek, rt_lpc does LPC analysis,
synthesis, and visualization in real-time.  It is released as of

- real-time LPC analysis
- real-time LPC synthesis
- visualization of original, predicted, and error waveforms
- visualization of vocal tract shape from LPC coefficients
- adjustable LPC analysis order
- adjustable synthesis pitch shift
- lots of other choices (pitch pulse source selection, emphasis 
- STFT plot
- modular LPC library
- MIDI input control of pitch

Like sndpeek, it is great for teaching.


We just put this out, and while the main file is pretty cluttered,
our LPC library is cleanly abstracted for use in your applications.

Welcome all comments and suggestions.


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