[linux-audio-user] Sequencer choice & Thesoundsite

Alejandro Lopez alez_cuatrosegundos at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 26 11:00:06 EDT 2004


Two quick ones:

1. I have MusE and Rosegarden installed in my system and would like to start 
using one for composing. I've taken a look at the homepages for both. I 
would like to compose by entering score if possible. My conclusion after 
browsing is that Rosegarden looks like a better choice for me. Am I missing 
anything? I think MusE can't do score, right?

2. Still thinking about that great site for soundfonts, 
http://www.thesoundsite.net/ Anyone else remembers it? Anyone knows what 
ever happened to it? (As it just dissapeared suddenly.) Anyone knows of any 



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