[linux-audio-user] hdsp multiface MIDI wont work

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Thu Oct 28 17:55:02 EDT 2004

> Use \"modprobe snd-seq-midi\"

sudo modprobe snd-seq-midi
aconnect -li
client 0: \'System\' [type=kernel]
    0 \'Timer           \'
    1 \'Announce        \'

I try this and it runs without complaint, but still no show in
aconnect or pd. Any other ideas? Thanks for the help!

Also, why is my AMD Opteron 64 3400+ linux laptop slower than my
AMD Athlon 2600+ WinXP desktop? Both have 1Gb of ram.
My laptop kernel is 2.6.9-rc3-mm3-VP-T3 and the audio latency on
my laptop is much lower then the desktop, but PD patches run
faster on the desktop then on the laptop....
Is there a way to trace where processor time is going?
I have non-preempt tracing turned off because Ingo told me that
it can create badness with the 64 bit processors.

Lastly, I have an audio CD out that I made primarily with Csound.
It will be for sale at www.cdbaby.com shortly, and available for
download from itunes (pay) and aproximation.org(free) as well.


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