[linux-audio-user] WMA

Alejandro Lopez alez_cuatrosegundos at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 29 08:38:54 EDT 2004

>By the way, on the page you talk about Winamp for M$ and now it's time to 
>talk about www.zinf.org, which is *really* free (as in free speech ;)


This post reminds me I need to burn an audio CD from a set of .WMA files 
I've been given :-((( So far, the only thing I've been able to do with these 
is playing them with Windows Media Player (and putting them in an audio 
tape, remember those?).

I absolutely fail to understand why, if I have some codec installed (and I 
have since I can play the files), I still can't do a file conversion to a 
raw waveform I could then use to burn the audio CD. As for Linux, none of 
the tools that come with DeMuDi recognizes the format either.

Any suggestions, apart from asking the guy to be nicer to everyone by using 
a convenient format?



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