[linux-audio-user] Best distro for Audio??

Free Ekanayaka free78 at tin.it
Wed Sep 1 06:21:42 EDT 2004

|--==> "JC" == John Check <j4strngs at bitless.net> writes:

  JC> On Saturday 07 August 2004 06:28 pm, tim hall wrote:
  >>Last Saturday 07 August 2004 10:10, LinuxMedia was like:
  >>> Maybe I'm confused about this. When I think of "audio distrobs" like
  >>> Planet, I picture wipeing out my hard drive and having just a dedicated
  >>> recording environment. But do these run along side an established
  >>> distrob (like debian, redhat...)? Do they coexist with them?
  >>Yeah, Planet CCRMA works with Fedora Core 1 and AGNULA/DeMuDi Works with
  >>Debian Testing.

  JC> I'll be lazy and ask here; Is AGNULA based on Debian stable? Is it entirely 
  JC> parallel of just add on audio?

Sorry for the late reply (I was on vacation).

It's based on Debian testing. It's entirely parallel, in the sense the
you can burn as self-contained installable A/DeMuDi CDROM ISO. However
you   get a fully  Debian compliant   system,  upgradable, and you can
install any Debian package you want of course.


Free Ekanayaka

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