[linux-audio-user] RPMs for new Distro...Yoper Linux

Peter Lutek plutek at infinity.net
Thu Sep 9 15:56:59 EDT 2004

> Qjackctl
> Jack-audio-connection-kit
> Ardour  (with libsndfile, raptor, etc)

> swh-plugins (w/ fftw3)
> JAMin
> tap-plugins
> ..modified 
> kernels and the whole works...

russell -

there hasn't been a whole lot of traffic on this thread, but i must
thank you for your efforts; this looks like a VERY positive development
for all of us. unfortunately, i do not currently have the time to switch
from planetCCRMA to yoper. however, reading the docs on the site leads
me to believe that a slim, efficient, distro like yoper is an ideal
candidate for an alternate audio-capable system.

please keep us posted -- i will certainly be interested in jumping on
board once a more comprehensive selection of packages, and a tuned
kernel are included. hopefully, my time will be more free then.


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