[linux-audio-user] realtime-lsm in the kerne

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Sun Sep 12 02:42:43 EDT 2004

On Friday 10 September 2004 22:16, linux-audio-user-request at music.columbia.edu 
> > linux-audio-user-request at music.columbia.edu wrote:
> > > Wha? realtime-lsm source deb should be fresh enough and if not, it's
> > > easy to bump up the control files for a real package. I can't think of
> > > any reason to be copying by hand that's good.
> >
> > The source deb is what you compile.
> Using the kernel-utils? Or doing a make in the module's tree?
Very generic. I am not compiling the whole kernel but unpack the sources, copy 
the system configuration to .config, make oldconfig and then start compiling 
the kernel. Once it gets into compiling C, can stop it.

All this assures that all the includes are around for compiling other kernel 
objects, drivers. I have in the past tried installing "kernel trees" and 
"kernel headers" for this purpose. DId not always work.

> > to copy the ko (or uninstall and reinstall). If out of date, an error
> > will
> The way you specified "copy" led me to believe you were bypassing the
> package manager.

What is said in the documentation did not achieve the copy. The package 
manager simply downloads a tarball. Copying manually and rebooting does the 

>... Besides, it woudl take all the fun out of living
> on the bleeding edge :P

Yeah. I still have stuff that will not compile no matter what I do.

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