[linux-audio-user] Trust

Gerrit Niestijl gn at hetnet.nl
Sun Sep 12 10:34:47 EDT 2004


I have such a card. It is well supported under alsa and usable with
jack. I use it succesfully for digital io (samplerates 44100 and
48000). It does no internal resampling, so the quality is good. The ad
and da converters are not that good, but usable.

> I'm about to buy a new soundcard, but havn't decided fully yet on
> which product to buy. We'r not talkin Pro equipment here. The main
> purpose (not the only!) ist pass through digital signals to a Meridian
> DAC. One I'm lookin at is the Trust 514DX 5.1. It's fairly priced and
> have an extra bracket for digital toslink and RCA. The chip is the
> ever so populare c-media cd3DX cmi8738. Basically, apart from some few
> details on their web site, I don't know anything about this
> product/chip. What can I expect? What can it do? How does it measure,
> etc...... I would greatly apriciate it if anyone out there have the
> knowledge and time to give me some opinions, experiences, facts and so
> on....


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