[linux-audio-user] Linux DAW FX box how to for noobs...New Link...

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Tue Sep 14 05:29:03 EDT 2004

Last Monday 13 September 2004 20:20, R Parker was like:
> Russell, I'm curious why you choose to use Ardour
> rather than Jack Rack for routing audio to effects. It
> seems to me that Jack Rack might be a better choice
> because it's designed to do what you need.

Having just started to get my head round Ardour, I can understand exactly why 
anyone would choose it over Jack-Rack. J-R can be a bit of a resource hog and 
I find the interface bewildering. That's not a dis on Bob's excellent work, 
rather an affirmation of what a fine tool Ardour is. We all have different 
needs, I have personally found multitracking apps to be excellent LADSPA 
hosts, ecasound does equally well in a profoundly less intuitive manner. ;)

I seem to be producing reasonable results with Ardour without reference to 
much reading matter at all, which is a first for a Linux-based application!

Ron, thanks for taking the time to lay out these suggestions for writing 
documentation. As a non-programmer but capable writer, I am always looking 
for ways to contribute. Your comments have got me interested in Russell's 
article, particularly your clarification of the title - I previously thought 
it wasn't relevant to me, now I see that it's the very same mission that I've 
been pursuing for the last two years from a Debian perspective.

I guess I may have something to contribute here then :) I've been a little 
busy Actually Making Music of late. I shall follow the previously posted link 
and report back here if I have anything to add. I do know one thing, having 
little money is no obstacle to owning a GNU/Linux DAW. :-) Every day I sit 
behind my computer I give happy thanks to the LADs and I look forward to 
being able to fully repay that debt of gratitude.


tim hall

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