[linux-audio-user] Linuxsampler problems

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Tue Sep 14 15:49:51 EDT 2004

André Alves Pereira wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm having a problem with Linuxsampler. It's compiling ok, but when i try to 
> run it I have the following display:
> magoo at darkstar:/home/magooslk$ linuxsampler --gig ns_kit7free.gig
> LinuxSampler 0.2
> Copyright (C) 2003, 2004 by Benno Senoner and Christian Schoenebeck
> Creating Sampler...OK
> Registered MIDI input drivers: ALSA
> Registered audio output drivers: ALSA,JACK
> Starting LSCP network server (on TCP port 8888)...OK
> LinuxSampler initialization completed.
> And the program stop. There is no alsa midi connections or jack ports.
> I'm running Slackware 10 with kernel 2.6.7+voluntary preemption patch, alsa 
> 1.0.6a, jack 0.98.8 and linuxsampler CVS version.
> I realy thanks for any help.
> André Magoo
> PS: Sorry for my very bad english...

    Your English is very fine, not bad at all. Please don't worry about 

    I think the results you are getting are correct. At that point in 
the process LS would have no inputs or outputs. To make it add them you 
would have to go to another terminal or machine and, using a telnet 
session to port 8888, tell it to add them using commands in the LSCP 
document. Then you would see them in QJackCtl.

    None of that is fun, so I refuse... ;-)

    A much easier way to use this would be to use Rui's QSampler 
application. It's Gui based and runs over the top of LS, making LS 
appear more like a stand-alone synth. It's linked form the LS home page, 
but to make it easier here you go:


Have fun LinuxSampling! ;-)


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