[linux-audio-user] building fst fails at make install step

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Fri Sep 17 10:12:17 EDT 2004


  All of this points up why I wish the tutorials were wiki-ized. The fst 
1.6 package has not been repaired, even though I sent a notice to the 
developers quite some time ago. I certainly deplore the existence of 
misleading information as much as anyone else, but I simply can't keep 
up with things like this anymore.

  I'm sorry for wasting your time, Mark, and I hope you get things 
operational despite my instructions. ;)  I know how it feels: yesterday 
I spent an hour compiling xine for my laptop, only to find that the UI 
wouldn't build unless I used a newer version of the library. Grrr...

  Luke, if you or anyone else can supply me with updated 
compile/installation/configuration details for libfst or the vstserver 
I'll do one more update on the tutorial. Please try to point out where 
my tutorial is failing for you and I'll make the necessary changes.

Best regards,


Luke Yelavich wrote:

>On Fri, Sep 17, 2004 at 12:55:40PM EST, Mark Knecht wrote:
>>   I'm trying to follow Dave's instructions for building fst-1.6
>>at the section called "Building and Installing the fst System" on my
>>Gentoo laptop. Here's wht I'm doing:
>>flash fst-1.6 $ make
>>gcc -c  -I. -Iinclude -I/usr/include/wine/windows/..
>>-I/usr/include/wine/windows/../.. -I/usr/include/wine/windows -g -O2
>>-fPIC -I .. -I./vst  -DDLLPATH=\"/usr/lib/wine\"
>>-DLIBPATH=\"/usr/local/lib\"  -D_REENTRANT -o fstconfig.o fstconfig.c
>>gcc -o fstconfig fstconfig.o -L. -lfst 
>>make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/mark/data/VST/fst-1.6/fst'
>>flash fst-1.6 $ su -
>>root at flash ~ # cd ~mark/data/VST/fst-1.6
>>root at flash /home/mark/data/VST/fst-1.6 # make install
>>/bin/sh ./mkinstalldirs /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig
>>./mkinstalldirs: ./mkinstalldirs: No such file or directory
>>make: *** [install-pkgconfigDATA] Error 127
>>root at flash /home/mark/data/VST/fst-1.6 # 
>The mkinstalldirs file in the tarball is missing. Either grab this file from
>another file, or search through your autoconf files for a copy of this file.
>found in /usr/share/automake-ver where ver is the version of automake you
>have installed.
>>There is the one mistake in the instructions on the QuickToot page where
>>it seems to tell me to run fixheaders from the wrong place, but I
>>haven't figured out how to get past this.
>You need to get the vst header files, and put them in the vst subdirectory
>of the tarball. Then from the vst directory, run ../fixheaders. However, there
>is more you have to do to the headers. I am not at my audio box right now, and
>can't remember off the top of my head.

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