[linux-audio-user] using cat to send a MIDI string ?

Tommi Sakari Uimonen tuimonen at cc.hut.fi
Wed Sep 22 06:23:33 EDT 2004

> You can use "amidi", from "alsa-utils":
> $ amidi -S 'F0 43 10 4C 00 00 7E 00 F7'
> sends an XG Reset to the default port; `man amidi` for details.
> To can use "echo", too:
> $ echo -ne '\xf0\x7f\x01\x06\x02\xf7' > /dev/midi01
> BTW, you can try a MIDI realtime message "start" like this:
> $ echo -ne '\xfa' > /dev/midi

I just edited a sysex.txt file with hex editor, and then

cat sysex.txt > /dev/midi

and my Korg received them ok.

With hex editor, it is easy to input the hex values, instead of cryptic 
printf's or other methods


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