[linux-audio-user] Commandline tools for some audio operations?

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki eric at zhevny.com
Sun Sep 26 11:25:44 EDT 2004

Tommi Sakari Uimonen wrote:
>> So, which command line tools(if they are available, of course) will:
>> - Do lowpass filtering?

ecasound has several different lowpass filters. There are also highpass 
and bandpass filters as well.

>> - Cut off the silence in the beginning and the end?

ecasound has a threshold gate. it is also possible to cut files by time 
if you already know how much silence you need to chop off.

>> - Split a file into songs based on long periods of silence in betweeh
>> them?

This isn't directly available, afaik, but could possibly be scripted.

> I don't know if Ecasound can do those, but it's worth checking out..


-Eric Rz.

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