[linux-audio-user] Commandline tools for some audio operations?

Hans Fugal fugalh at gmail.com
Sun Sep 26 12:22:37 EDT 2004

Sox will strip silence. Here's what I do with telephone messages
recorded by vgetty:

 sox in.wav out.wav silence 0 1 02.00 1%

On Sat, 25 Sep 2004 21:10:43 +0400, Mikhail Ramendik <mr at ramendik.ru> wrote:
> Hello,
> This time I am encoding from a cassette with a rather low noise level.
> And I'd like to do several things automatically, from the command line,
> rather than call up Audacity and GWC and do some manual selection.
> So, which command line tools(if they are available, of course) will:
> - Do lowpass filtering?
> - Cut off the silence in the beginning and the end?
> - Split a file into songs based on long periods of silence in betweeh
> them?
> For the latter two points, the silence is not absolute, there is some
> noise at about -40 db. The tool I want would take a "noise level" value
> in db as a parameter. The REALLY good tool would leave about a second of
> "silence" before/after a song intact, because it may contain the
> beginning or end that are below the threshold. The PERFECT tool would
> also be able to look at a file with just noise and give me that db
> value, but it may be too much to ask, so I can find out in Audacity as
> well.
> So - are these tools available? Or am I out of luck? Of course, I can
> use GWC to split a file into songs and Audacity to cut out the silence
> manually, but that's quite a lot of mouse-dragging for an operation that
> could be automatic.
> Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

De gustibus non disputandum est.

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