[linux-audio-user] Is everyone sick of interrupts yet?

Brad Stafford brad at archone.tamu.edu
Wed Sep 29 16:44:16 EDT 2004

Hey Nando,

I'm running an AMD Barton 2.6 GHz processor. I'll watch for processor load
tonight when I try to replicate the problem.

Thanks for the tip.

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> On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 07:28, Brad Stafford wrote:
> > Since I gave such a glowing review of my testing the other night that I
> > thought I'd report back my not so stellar results from last night.
> >
> > I left all the services running on a fully loaded machine (http,
> > sendmail, samba, etc...) and started jack at 128/44100/2 in real time. I
> > started a 20 minute recording session with ardour (no jamin yet). While
> > ardour was recording I dialed into the internet with my modem, opened
> > evolution, read email and poked around a bit with konqueror. I got zero,
> > nada, nil, none, no xruns whatsoever.
> >
> > Then I introduced jamin - 4 xruns in 8 mins.
> >
> > Shut down jamin and  go back to only ardour - more xruns.
> >
> > Shut down all but essential services and only use ardour - more xruns.
> >
> > Seems that a bottle of xruns was opened and I can't put the cap back on.
> I have seen this happen. What processor are you using? Does the cpu load
> jump up (and stay up) when you enter in this "xrun mode"?
> -- Fernando

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