Commercial VS NonCommercial Creative Commons [WAS: Re: [linux-audio-user] more odd music]

Wolfgang Woehl tito at
Sun Apr 3 07:04:03 EDT 2005

MarC <marc_contrib at>:

> I raise this issue because I'm starting a musical project and I would
> like to never release any work that could end like
> when the people shares it, I would like
> to use other musicians works (and I can't afford to pay them for such
> work now) and I would finally like to win fairly some money making
> good music (without this money I will never be able to buy decent
> instruments)
> is it an utopia?

Marc, I'm flabbergasted. This is 2005. There's no way you could prevent 
people from copying or sharing things in the digital domain. DRM is a 
joke. The industry that promotes it is a joke. The business model is 
gone, don't you know that?

How can anyone *own* music? How did Bach do it? How did Capitol Records 
do it? The only way to make that claim to some extent real were 
technical limitations -- and those are gone for good.

Coming up with something like G-C-E7 is a complex process, sure ;) Hell, 
make it Bbmaj9-Gm7-F/C-C-D/C. But do you really intend to say this is 
yours? That you invented this, put it into the world, out of the blue? 
Isolated from everything you've ever heard or experienced in your life? 
Originality someone? What is that?

Share your stuff and you will get back more than you ever dreamed of. To 
make money it is, in my experience, fairly promising to put your 
family's estate to sensible use or, in the lack of an estate, work. The 
clownesque, inspired, spiritual, grotesque, old-fashioned, great field 
of making music will probably get you all *but* money.

I'm a bit ashamed to see that all this sounds quite patronizing. Excuse 
me, Marc. This a patronizing day and it transfers.


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