[linux-audio-user] More Wine ing! :) and things VST...

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Sat Apr 9 13:16:28 EDT 2005


 From all accounts, it still seems that jack_fst seems to not work very 
reliably with any other versions of Wine later than 20040505? I know 
Mark had some work arounds for other wine vers. but not sure what gains 
were made as a result?

I also remember Shayne having a later compiled version...like late Dec 
2004 release and reporting many Vst's operable where I could not on 

I have had no real luck with DSSI but I have not applied a lot of effort 
to find out why either...not diminishing dssi in any way.

Any miracle workers out there getting new things to happen with Wine and 
the VST-hosts we have today?


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