[linux-audio-user] stupid hydrogen question

Paul Coccoli pcoccoli at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 10:58:19 EDT 2005

On Apr 11, 2005 11:58 PM, Aaron Trumm <aaron at nquit.com> wrote:
> > I'm trying to write a drum part in hydrogen, but it needs to be in 3/4
> > time.  I see no way to do that in version 0.9.1.  The forums at
> > www.hydrogen-music.org recommend changin the "pattern length" to
> > achieve deifferent time signatures, but doing so doesn't have any
> > affect.
> I may be over simplifying your question, and I'm not really a hydrogen
> expert but the thing is, if your pattern length is, say, three beats long,
> it's not gonna sound any different, say, when the metronome's clicking,
> because that's just click click click click - what defines any time
> signature in music in general is accenting - so for it to end up sounding
> 3/4, I'd add some notes in there - perhaps just on the quarter notes, and
> make the first one a little louder so instead of
> one two three
> you've got
> ONE two three
> ONE two three
> > Even if that did work, I would have to triple my tempo, right?  The
> no that's just crazy talk :)

Well, it was late and I was confused...but it's still not crazy talk. 
What I meant was this: the default pattern length value is 1, which
gives me a pattern with 4 beats.  So I inferred that setting the
pattern length to 3 would give me 12 beats, which I could then use to
get a single 3/4 time pattern.

The thing is, I understand what BPM means and I understand time
signatures since I've been playing string instruments for (oh my god)
20 years now.  What I don't understand is hydrogen.  Changing the
pattern length dropdown did NOTHING.  No matter what I set it to, I
got a single 4/4 count measure.  Hence the confusion.

I was kinda tired, but I'm pretty sure that's what was happening. 
I'll try again tonight.

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