[linux-audio-user] SC3 gtk2 terminal front-end

Ryan Gallagher ruinaudio at comcast.net
Tue Apr 12 08:32:03 EDT 2005

I'm resuming my exploration of SC3
( http://supercollider.sourceforge.net/ ) and my strong aversion to
emacs has led me to search for a useful gtk2 frontend for sclang.

ggap ( http://ggap.sourceforge.net/ ) seems to be 99% ready for use.


The author is very nice and has generously considered adding some SC3
specific features.  I'm absolutely NOT the person to come up with a list
of features, but since I got the ball rolling I put together a intro to
SC3, and a list of SC3 features that are commensurate with the goals of
ggap.  http://ruinaudio.com/files/ggap_ideas.txt

If any experienced SC3 users are interested in sharing thoughts about
what features might be useful please visit the ggap page, or email me,
or drop by #ggap on freenode.


Ryan Gallagher <ruinaudio at comcast.net>

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