[linux-audio-user] music - the girls - diggin a hole

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Sat Apr 16 03:45:07 EDT 2005

hi all

this has taken me ages ... dog knows why ... ten years, in fact :)


first "verse" was written said ten years ago during a particularly
scummy inner-city/amphetamine/paranoia period of my life ... second
verse was just since i got it happening with linux audio (few months
back) ...

it used to be just the first verse and chorus, really ... since then
i've dragged out the latent sonic youth-isms into the outro and given it
some more interesting (i think) rhythmic melodies.

i got this finished now so's i could rehearse it with the "band" on the

i used hydrogen for the drums, and ardour to record all else (except
that feedback you can hear floating over some of it - with two young
kids around, i haven't found time or place to record pure feedback from
my amp, so i got this from the Slayer 2 VST guitar plugin - it has
astoundingly good feedback that you can control like well!).

also, there's a bunch of ladspa plugins for reverb and tube preamp
emulation on some parts (i've only just recently discovered the TAP
Reverb Editor - wow, it rocks!)

hope you all enjoy ...

and now to check out the back issues of music made with linux :)


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