[linux-audio-user] Core Audio Format

Netserva Desktop User markc at renta.net
Sun Apr 17 12:00:22 EDT 2005

Anyone know more about the details of this (kind of 
looks like an ogg or avi wrapper for audio) audio 
format and whether we can interoperate with it ?

. Core Audio Format is the latest addition to the
. dozens of audio formats supported natively in Mac
. OS X. Developed by Apple, Core Audio Format (CAF)
. combines virtually infinite capacity with rich
. support for metadata in an optimized-for-audio
. package. As a 64-bit file format, you can record
. a thousand channels of audio for a thousand years
. in a single file. And it can store any audio data,
. whether uncompressed PCM or compressed such as AAC.
. Application support for these files is available
. today in QuickTime 7.



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