[linux-audio-user] Soundtrack written, composed, produced under linux.

Juan Linietsky coding at reduz.com.ar
Mon Apr 18 23:32:45 EDT 2005

Hi Linux Audio Users

Just wanted to share with you the professional soundtrack I wrote
for a short movie, since there are no rights/contract avoiding me from this.
This was written and composed entirely under Linux, and contains songs 
in several styles, like piano, orchestral, techno, funk.

Only Tools Used:

-Shaketracker (sequencer)
-Chionic (sampler)
-Rezound (sound editor)
-A custom/unreleased app (a 32-bands graphical multiband compressor of 
mine, which i'll release when i have time to polish it)

External Hardware:

-Roland Xp30, for sampling some instruments, some are live.



I hope this helps to prove the level of maturity of the above apps.

Juan Linietsky

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