[linux-audio-user] Announce for new Distro .....PClinuxOS" and Thac's packages

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Sun Apr 24 19:39:05 EDT 2005

Shayne O'Connor wrote:

>Russell Hanaghan wrote:
>>So just a follow up here:
>>Indeed, PclinuxOS (PCLOS) is up and alive with Thac's splendid sound
>>packages amongst others. I Just wiped my MDK install from my
>>production box (Rather an anxious moment) and installed PCLOS from a
>>single CD. Then after install I fired up APT and added Thac's RPMs
>>compiled specifically for PCLOS and have all the core audio apps
>>installed and running on one of Svetjlo's  RT kernels with no problems.
>hey there russell
>i've dowloaded and installed the pclinuxos live cd ... got thac's apt
>repo happening ...
>had a few troubles getting rid of KDE and switching to Gnome/XFCE4, but
>i think i'm about there now ...
>however ... which kernel, from which repository, am i supposed to be
>using? with the multi-media kernel, i'm able to start jackd realtime,
>however it says it can't lock memorly lock the RT thread ... if i use
>Thac's pre-empt kernel, i can't seem to be able to get real-time
>privileges at all ... it's a bit confusing, since i'm a CCRMAer thru and
>thru, but it would be great to get a live cd setup with ardour and
>hydrogen and the other apps i use for recording ... (my recording buddy
>uses windows, but wants a way to edit the stuff we do on my linux box
>without actually installing linux).
>can you give me some general tips on what your alsa/jack/kernel setup is
>with pclinuxos, which repositories you have enabled etc ...
>help would be much appreciated, and i hope this can be as good as it
>sounds :)
Hi Shayne,

I'm using "kernel-multimedia-2.6.10-3.mm.22mdk#1-1mdk"  from Thac's. If 
you added Thac's repository into APT and saw this and the other MDK 
kernels, you have the right ones. He didn't change the names but did in 
fact recompile them for PCLOS. 


So as for getting Realtime-LSM working right, that is one of the things 
I noticed too...(First, you as root, need to rmmod capability & rmmod 
commoncap then modprobe realtime /with options) In Qjackctl messages, it 
tells me "Cannot lock down memory for R/T" or whatever it is. There are 
several ways to get this and my usual method in MDK 10.1 was to do 
modprobe realtime gid=29. this after adding a group 29 and adding my 
user to that group. It always worked fine. I have done that on this 
kernel but dont seem to be making jackd happy. That said, I dont see 
any, or at best, very few Xruns either.

This kernel should have Alsa 1.09rc2 built in. Jack is the latest 
version I believe.

"and i hope this can be as good as it
sounds :)"  

There are some rough edges now and probably for awhile. Make sure you apply all the upgrades Texstar is putting out. I'm sure you have noticed that it is responsive, light in footprint and quite "snappy" to boot! :) If it's not quite there yet, I'm convinced it will be before too long. I need to test out the mklivecd scripts and test them for myself. Check the IRC channel too. #pclinuxos (not listed) Thac is on there from time to time as is Texstar. Most of the guys are cool and easy to deal with.

Good luck and keep me posted on your successes / failures / thoughts / etc.


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