[linux-audio-user] Ableton live user

Levi D. Burton ldb at puresimplicity.net
Mon Apr 25 20:51:48 EDT 2005

Sorry, but if your coming to linux thinking that you will find software 
of comparable performance to something such as Ableton Live, you are 
very mistaken.  Nothing on linux even comes close to Ableton Live and 
probably never will.

Why not just use Ableton Live?  Save yourself a whole lot of trouble.

Oh, and using linux audio software live?  I wouldn't.

Felipe Machado wrote:

>i use ableton live in my show. but now i want use linux. 
>waht software i have to install to use, looks like ableton live ? or
>other good sample.
>i edit some samples and play with a group.

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