[linux-audio-user] libre music from me :)

Daniel Payno dpayno at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 06:47:52 EDT 2005

Hi all,

This music wasn't actually made with Linux/DeMuDi (which i use), nor
was set to look for DAW/ProStudio standards (i kind of like lo-fi and
first takes, as that's what i do when i play solo), but anyway...

I recently uploaded a demo cd i recorded 3 years ago on a tascam
analog 4-track. It's published under BY-NC-SA_2.5. It was intended to
give-away to venue-owners in order to get gigs :) (worked out quite
well the past 2 years :))

Just to point out: my voice tuning problems (i know) have been tackled
recently (playing live is the best academy :)).. Eager to record album
I. (ongoing project) with better audio quality :))

In any case, would like any feedback; the more critic, the more to
learn (though i don't promise to listen :))

And one question, in this album, there's a cover version from Tracy
Chapman. Should i retire it from inet in prevision of future (knocking
wood :) royalties problems? How do you license covers? Do you publish
them at all?

* On muzik site (great project,BTW ¿who do i contact to ask for muzik
to support BY-NC-SA, and not only BY-SA?):

[1] http://muzik.agnula.org/view.php?view=tracks&album_id=363

* And on my own music project site (PQS):

[2] http://pqs.zoomblog.com/archivo/2005/07/31/pqs-01.html

PD: PQS's site is in spanish. Ongoin dev to create _en.html versions :))
PD2: PQS is a meta-band. Any libre-musicians near Madrid(Spain) are
eager to participate in future gigs :)
  Daniel Payno                            _-_ a.k.a. _-_  Pay
  http://dpayno.webhop.net        http://pqs.is.dreaming.org

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