[linux-audio-user] VST Plugins Revisited (Again)

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Fri Aug 5 17:38:02 EDT 2005

Shayne O'Connor wrote:

> definitely not ... you're gonna be in for a lot of frustration if you 
> take this approach. it is the approach i took when first using linux 
> audio - the first step for a windows convert is always to try getting 
> every program they used on windows to work on linux. bit of advice - 
> stop this quest now, and get hip with linux audio apps.

It's not using the plugins you're used to  ... it's a matter of finding 
the right tool for the job. I'm happy to switch and I switch around all 
the time. The plugins available on Mac and Windows (or just mac, or just 
windows) are just not as extensive, or as deep on Linux. The Wave Gold 
package alone has probably more plugins than all of LADSPA combined (ok, 
don't quote me... I didn't count them -- just making a point) and they 
are very good.

There are no apps like Acid, Reason, Kontakt, Absynth, etc. on linux. 
I'm not suggesting that there be Linux clones. I'm just trying to say 
that Linux just doesn't have the application breadth of the other two OSs.

I don't think this is in dispute.

 leonard "paniq" ritter wrote:

>what linux requires most is documentation and user sites. once people find 
>solutions to their problems and answers to their questions, if you have 
>answers, it doesnt matter how hard the system is. the concept of wikis is 
>rather young, so i see the use of linux drastically increasing in the next 

Documentation would definitely help, that's for sure. But, it 
secondary.. the tools need to be available in the first place.

What we need is for NI or Waves or <fill in here> to produce their wares 
for Linux. (please don't throw anything at me.)
I don't think the competition will hurt FOSS but only encourage better 
and better linux audio software -- free or for cost.

 leonard "paniq" ritter wrote:

>to support your point, paul (which i find amusing), i wonder why someone would 
>insist on using VST binaries. most of them are unstable and each one has its 
>own interpretation of what the standard looks like. the result is a lot of 
>hacked win32 hosts that most of the time only run 80% of all available 
They fool around with WINE/etc because the VSTs get the job done. I'm 
sure if they found a tool on Linux that could do the job, they'd use 
it... or at least, I would.

I'm with Dave:
"I find it more astonishing than amusing" that the windows VSTs work at all!


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