[linux-audio-user] Again on sudden and occasional Jack crackling sound

Michal Seta mis at artengine.ca
Mon Aug 8 15:12:37 EDT 2005

Yes, I am having this same problem.

The funny thing is that I have not experienced this problem with
PCI128 card...  At least I don't recall (yes, occasionally something
like that would happen but it was so rare).  I first started having
notorious problems of this sort when I was working on a 64bit machine
running linux in 32bit mode.  That box had hammerfall digi9652 card
and while everything was working fine occasionally I would get the
same symptoms you described.

When I got back home I discovered that my PCI128 card died (?!) and so
I was running the onboard audio for a while and was having this
crackle problem all the time.  I then installed a Chaintech AV710
(envy24HT-S chip) and I am having the same problems (and in similar
to yours circumstances: adding/quitting apps, zynaddsubfx, etc).

I tried various versions of jack as well, but still no luck.

This is actually making me quite nervous because I have a show coming
up in 2 weeks and would not like anything like that to happen in

So, I too, would very much appreciate any pointers towards solution.

Up until now I was running a 2.6.10 multimedia kernel (demudi) and
just upgraded the kernel to the 2.6.12-3-multimedia in hope that this
would somehow, magically, solve my problem.  No luck.


Salvatore Di Pietro <salvuz_78 at virgilio.it> writes:

> So no one is having this problem anymore?
> I really wonder what can cause this behaviour... wheter an unfortunate
> combination of hardware (even though on four different machines with
> different cards and chipsets seems a bit strange to me...) or a jackd
> bug... :(
> ciao
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