[linux-audio-user] missing snd-usb-audio module in Gentoo

Dubphil dubphil at free.fr
Tue Aug 9 16:19:29 EDT 2005

> Hi Lee. Thanks for the reply. I was sort of half expecting someone to say
> recompile the kernel, when I saw that commented out snd-usb-audio module
> in
> the kernel config file. The only kernel compile I've attempted is to get
> Gentoo off the ground, which failed. Gentoo with system emerged stayed on
> the
> drive to sweat it out (minus kernel) for 5 weeks. Got myself psyched up
> the
> other day to have another go, and went for Genkernel. At least the system
> is
> now up and running, but 30hrs of DL and compile to get KDE installed. I'll
> get some info on compiling amother kernel, it's not so bad now I've got
> Gentoo up and running. If it don't work I can revert to the original
> without
> losing access to the system.

Don't bother recompile your kernel it is better to do this :

Just add this line in /etc/make.conf :


and type this :

# emerge alasa-drivers alsa-tools alsa-utils

and you will be okay :)



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