[linux-audio-user] VST Plugins Revisited (Again)

Joseph Dell'Orfano fullgo at dellorfano.net
Mon Aug 15 18:51:45 EDT 2005

For what it's worth, I am on my way to my father-in-law's house because
his windoze XP machine suddenly doesn't boot at all, complaining about a
missing or corrupt file. He doesn't run audio, games, video. Only email
and web browser when connected via a telephone modem. 

In addition, I have 2 other XP computers on my home network (a desktop
and a laptop) which have both become unusable because of spyware and
other random problems.

Sigh. Maybe I should put fedora on my father-in-law's computer, and tell
him that it's the most recent version of windows. I don't think he'll
notice the difference except for the lack of random crashes and system

-Joe D

On Mon, 2005-08-15 at 12:14 -0500, Jan Depner wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-08-15 at 16:41, ix at replic.net wrote:
> > On Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 04:49:21PM -0400, Lee Revell wrote:
> > > On Mon, 2005-08-15 at 16:42 -0400, davidrclark at earthlink.net wrote:
> > > > My experience has been that Linux audio requires 10 to 20 times as
> > > > many reboots as Windows audio, the opposite of all other applications.
> > > > The Linux kernels themselves, if left alone, are very stable.
> > > 
> > > Sorry dude, this is almost certainly PEBKAC.  What piece of shit
> > > hardware are you running that you need to reboot Linux more than
> > > Windows?
> > 
> > when i only had 512 mb of ram this was definitely the case, even with 2x as much swap as ram, the only way to get out of 'swap hell' was reboot, the system became so unresponsive. really easy to happen with a memleak, or during compilation or a runaway script etc..
> > 
> > windows on the other hand, only used up the first 50 mb of the 512mb (nlite-trimmed) and never had this problem. ive never achieved the year-long uptimes of XP with linux, except for servers i never touched and just ran a firewall or something.. always some weird freeze where you can ping the machine but not ssh in, happens every so often, that or the the swap hell described above..
> > 
> > 2c
>     I'm absolutely amazed.  My systems at home are up 24/7/365.  The
> only time they're down is due to long duration power outages (like
> during hurricanes).  On my audio system I've only got 384M ram and have
> no problems whatsoever with lockup or crashing.  I run jackd, Ardour,
> JAMin, envy24control, qjackctl, audacity, xine, mplayer, xmms,
> alsaplayer...  At work our Linux systems are up constantly (full
> automatic diesel generator UPS) but we reboot the Windoze boxen daily to
> avoid the inevitable crashes and slow death due to memory leaks.
Joseph Dell'Orfano <fullgo at dellorfano.net>

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