[linux-audio-user] Gnome/K3B CDA burning issue

Jerome Tuncer columbiatwo at free.fr
Fri Aug 19 15:02:00 EDT 2005

Hello everyone,

Mike's mail reminded me I have a persistent problem in K3B when burning 
audio CDs.

I want to burn CDAs with no pause between the tracks. I pop up the 
"Properties" window on the tracks, sets the padding to 0 sec. which 
should do the job. In fact, the burning process is OK. The CD is indeed 

However, the problem I encounter is that the CD is burnt as a two track 
CD. My Walkman doesn't manage to skip to a track with a higher number 
than  2. What is wrong here?

May it be related to the fact I burn CDAs in DAO mode (I was once told: 
"If you want no pause between your tracks, you'll have to burn it in DAO 
mode")? Must I burn them slower than 8x (a thing my burner seems unable 
to do)?

Has anyone experienced the same problem?
Does anyone know where it can come from?

This reminds me of another question (-:

Is there an audio CD extractor able to rip the whole CD as a unique 
track? I think there was one in Win which could even provide the .cue 
file with track time indexes which was a really nice feature... That 
would be great if it existed in Linux, which I don't doubt (-:



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