[linux-audio-user] [ANN] wiki.freeaudiosoftware.org online

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Sun Aug 28 23:38:52 EDT 2005

nigel henry wrote:
> I'm on several mailing lists and forums. For the mailing list you have to 
> register with your email address, also a password if you want to be able to 
> edit your profile. For forums you have to provide a login name and a password 
> if you want to post to the forum. Just what is the problem in having to 
> provide login details to post to a wiki? Personally I'm sick of the stuff 
> that comes into the mailbox. Viagra, Penis extensions, You've won the lottery 
> (6 times in the last month) . Why should we leave the door open on the wiki 
> so that this scum can just walk in and corrupt the wiki pages, just so 
> someone doesn't have to spend 10 or 20 seconds logging in to edit the 
> pages?And after all, it only takes 10 or 20 seconds to login. I use the same 
> login and password for all the forums I'm subscribed to, unless the login 
> name is already taken. Then I have an alternative. Forums are not a high 
> security risk, but it's certainly better to have the need to register rather 
> than leaving the door wide open, and having every joe scumbag wandering in 
> and corrupting someones genuine contribution to a wiki, forum, or whatever. 
> Nigel.

amen! but i'll agree with anyone who makes such frequent use of one of 
my favourite words: scum ;)


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