[linux-audio-user] The best distro for music creation

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Sun Dec 4 02:59:29 EST 2005

Fedora rocks...
Slak for me though......
it seems pure.....

> Debian has been my desktop for almost seven years.
> After trying Mandrake, RedHat, Slackware and some of
> their derivatives, I always reverted back to Debian.
> I agree that Debian Stable is a slow mover, but think
> of Debian Stable and Debian Testing remotely akin to
> RedHat *S and Fedora.  Debian Stable moves slowly and
> it seems things take forever to get there from
> Testing.  The same could be said for Fedora Core and
> RedHat's *S commercial offerings.  If you want
> pre-built package rotation to move fast, don't use
> RedHat *S and use Fedora.  If you want your package
> rotation to move faster, use Debian Testing instead of
> Debian Stable.  Debian is also my choice because I
> have Linux installs on both Mac and PC; it is easier
> to maintain both systems when using the same distro.
> I was a lurker on Fernando's list, and got a great
> deal of very helpful information there.  However, I
> took that info and applied it to my Debian Testing
> system.  No matter what your distro, It will deviate
> from the pristine snapshot provided by pre-built
> binary packages.  You will probalby need to compile
> something, edit a file somewhere, upgrade a library .
> . .
> I would suggest just pick something and stick with it
> through the  tough times because you will have to do
> something out of your package management at some point
> down the road.  That statement is more true than you
> think, especially with sound and music apps on Linux.
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