[linux-audio-user] Linux Sampler

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Dec 7 20:34:43 EST 2005

> Yep, this was the problem and you interpret it as many others do. The
> Debian folks didn't like this so much that they dropped LS from their
> releases. I think that the LS developers weren't taking the commercail
> thing quite as far as you are. They seemed more interested in keeping
> Synth manufacturers from using the code, which is disappointing sime a
> good software company could pick this up and run with it quite
> quickly. This would be great for us users, should they every do it.

there is more going on there than almost nobody on this list except for
the LS authors and myself is aware of. it would be wise for everyone to
not judge this admittedly very unpleasant change in the license without
being aware of the reasons why it occured. unfortunately, it is not
possible to explain any more.


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