[linux-audio-user] Linux Sampler

Peder Hedlund peder at musikhuset.org
Thu Dec 8 04:36:58 EST 2005

On Thu, 8 Dec 2005, Pete Leigh wrote:

> On 08/12/05, Peder Hedlund <peder at musikhuset.org> wrote:
> >  Hmm....
> >  From what I understand of GPL you can't put additional restrictions
> >  to it. It's either GPL ot not.
> If you own the copyright on something, you can license it how
> you like - the fact that older versions have been licensed under
> GPL is irrelevant.

 But can you really restrict usage of the software?
 I mean, if someone has accepted to use the software under GPL terms
 then, to him, it's GPL. Since GPL allows commercial use, that
 should be his right.

 I don't think GPL allows exceptions to the license in that something
 that's GPL suddenly changes licensing terms if it's being used



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