[linux-audio-user] Who has experiences with PAM?

Burkhard Ritter burkhard.ritter at stud-mail.uni-wuerzburg.de
Fri Dec 9 14:12:19 EST 2005

On Fri, Dec 09, 2005 at 04:44:11PM +0100, Michael Bohle wrote:
> I am looking for users and developers which deal with audio RT kernel
> items. I used RT-LSM till now to regulate the user audio rights. 
> http://www.opensuse.org/index.php/RT_Kernel_Instructions
> It is all about that openSUSE contains an audio distribution.
> www.opensuse.org/JackLab - www.jacklab.net
> This requires a SUSE-kernel according to the standard, which is patched
> for "rt full preemt". This Kernel will be available in our
> apt4rpm-repository at gwdg.de.
> Takashi Iwai and Matthias Nargorni has made clear to me, that RT-LSM is
> obsolent and PAM should be used instead. In addition, PAM is already
> available in the current SUSE Kernel.
> Who has experiences with PAM for SCHED_FIFO priorities ?
> Who could help to arrange dealing with PAM and RT for musicians?
> In generally, who can help to tune up the suse standard kernel to audio
> rt ?
> Finaly there will be a very userfriendly audio distribution based on
> openSUSE.
> Regards,
> Michael

If you are using a recent kernel (>=2.6.12) and a recent pam-package
(>=0.80) then, if I am right, everything sould already be working. You
would adjust the limits.conf to contain something like

@audio          -       rtprio          100
@audio          -       nice            -10
@audio          -       memlock         4000000

Thus the group audio could run programs with realtime privileges.

Note, that I myself still use an older patched pam version (apparently
"rt_priority" changed to "rtprio") and therefore have not tested the
above suggestions. 

If the suse-pam-package is too old, it would eventually be easier to
build a new one (>=0.80) than to patch the old.

Hope that help,

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