[linux-audio-user] The best distro for music creation

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Mon Dec 12 16:17:05 EST 2005

On Monday 05 December 2005 02:16, Josh Lawrence was like:
> I think that it is very suitable, *if* you know how to create your own
> kernel that allows for jack, et al to run with preemptable
> capabilities.  I am not very knowledgeable with compiling kernels, so
> I had to wait until someone else provided a how-to for getting my own
> kernel.
> Quite the contrary, I see big things on the horizon for Ubuntu.  This
> might be heresy, but I would like for Agnula to merge its efforts in
> with Ubuntu, thus making both distributions more complete.

A/DeMuDi already uses a fair amount of Ubuntu packages and there has been 
considerable testing of DeMuDi + Ubuntu systems. I confess I don't know how 
it compares. Both are Debian based distros, DeMuDi is specifically a Custom 
Debian Distribution. I find Ubuntu a bit too Mandrake-like for my tastes, but 
I can see how other people might like that. I would start getting annoyed if 
I suddenly found I couldn't log in as root after upgrading and was tied to a 
GNOME desktop with all my essential services turned off!-]

DeMuDi exists because the focus on multimedia integration wasn't there in the 
parent distro. It will continue to exist until such time as Debian or Ubuntu 
or whatever ships with ("pro") audio applications that simply work out of the 
box. Merging AGNULA with Canonical seems an unlikely business proposition to 
me, but who knows? I've not seen an awful lot of interest from the Ubuntu 
camp, but then I wasn't really paying attention. Ooh! I just got deja-vu. ;)

I would welcome any efforts from Ubuntu to become more compatible with DeMuDi.

Do the DeMuDi multimedia kernels not work with Ubuntu then?

tim hall

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