[linux-audio-user] FOLKS, PAY ATTENTION TO NOTEEDIT, the score editor!

Emiliano Grilli emillo at libero.it
Tue Dec 20 06:14:20 EST 2005

marted?, 20 dicembre 2005 alle 05:54:48, I. I. Ooisen ha scritto:
> > I actually never tried it because I thought it was some
> > command-line-based thing that output TeX files or some similar
> > 1980's-era thing, and I'd have to use some random tla2ps program
> > to get useful output from it.  But maybe I had it confused with
> > Lilypond.
> right, noteedit has nothing to do with command-line apps.

Yes, it's a GUI app, but if you want something to print on an actual
printer you must export the score to something like abc or lilypond,
which are command line apps. BTW, I think having a command line
interface it's a *plus* for a program, not a minus.

And yes, noteedit's dependency on KDE is not-so-good for us gnome (or
other wm) users... The same can be told for rosegarden. It would be
better if they rather rely only on QT (like hydrogen or muse). I'm not
so happy having to install 25 megs of kdelibs & friends only to run
these 2 apps...

Noteedit is a very good program in my opinion. It does an excellent job
in exporting abc files. I'm not so music-literate so I appreciate its
"highlight while playing" feature (absent in rosegarden). Having it sync
with jack_transport would be a "killer" addition, too :)

It was a big shame when its original author discontinued it, and I'm
glad that someone picked it up and continue the work.

I think we all have to be grateful with free software authors, as they
give a great gift to us non programmers.

Just my 2 cents...

Emiliano Grilli
Linux user #209089 

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