[linux-audio-user] Favorite way to use Jamin?

Paul Winkler pw_lists at slinkp.com
Wed Dec 21 00:48:11 EST 2005

So far I've only played with Jamin by feeding it with Alsaplayer.
Today I tried for the first time to use it on real work.
I have 3 songs I've exported from ardour (0.99) in float 44.1kHz wav files.
These files seem to be OK - I can load them into Audacity,
play them with sox, etc.  But my first thought - re-import the
mixes into a new Ardour session, put them in sequence, and hook it up to
Jack - failed with the problem I describe here:

So, I thought, I'll just play them with alsaplayer -o jack.  I have
alsaplayer version 0.99.76.  But when I do, alsaplayer loads the files
without complaint (well, mostly; there's some messages like "short_mask
= 0x6" on stdout...) ... the UI indicates that it's playing, and it says
"sndfile supported format" -- but the output is silent!  Could it be a
problem with routing or mixer controls?  Nope, I can hear any other file
I load, but not these mixes.  Weird.

Hey, I know, I'll use Audacity! .... except... it doesn't support jack?
Aargh.  (version 1.2.1) 

Any other suggestions?
I guess i could route my session directly from ardour through
jamin but I dooubt my old P3 can handle the load, I'm kinda pushing
the CPU as it is...


Paul Winkler

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