[linux-audio-user] CLI synths

S. Massy smassy at sdf.lonestar.org
Sat Dec 24 15:19:52 EST 2005

On Sat, Dec 24, 2005 at 07:45:32AM -0500, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Csound5 is simply awesome. Virtually everything in the language has been 
> rewritten, and an amazing number of improvements has been added. Items 
> Atte didn't mention include multiple instantiations, support for JACK 
> and the ALSA sequencer, LADSPA support, and a hefty number of graphic 
> and command-line interfaces (Tcl/Tk, FLTK, Java, Python). And at long 
> last there is the brand-new Csound API, which is meeting approval from 
> the 3rd-party Csound developers such as Matt Ingalls, Jean Piche, and 
> Iain Duncan.
That's it; you, guys, convinced me to have another go at csound. Lately,
I've been playing with ChucK and liking it a lot, because it's rather
simple to use and understand (especially for someone who's only
done a bit of C here, a bit of PERL there, and mostly shell scripting in
between); but i find the language is perhaps lacking in maturity at this
point. Also, it's well documented and provides many simple examples, but
not many concrete, real-life examples. Still, I would say ChucK is one
language to keep one's eyes on...
> If it's command-line synthesis you want, we got it. :)
> If it's command-line softsynths you want, well, we have some. Fluidsynth 
> comeds to mind immediately, and I believe someone has mentioned that 
> ZynAddSubFX can be run from the CLI too. Haven't tested that stuff yet, 
Ah, didn't know about ZynAddSubFX, will give it a try. I was mostly
hoping to find a modular synth to play with while I'm getting acquainted
with a synthesis language, as I'm mostly interested in created my own
sound for atmosphere and/or background purposes. So far, the only
modular synth I found which could be accessed from the command-line is
Om, but that involves using OSC, and would probably require me to write
a little front-end for it, which I might or might not do, depending on
how much time I have...

> but I suspect Julian Claasen has. Julian, are you there ?
> Personally, I love having the best of all possible worlds. :)
On the whole, a GUI is probably best at dealing with certain tasks, like
creating a network for a modular synth; but X is sadly not yet
accessible to me, so CLI is what I've got.
> Happy holidays to all !
> dp

smassy at sdf.lonestar.org

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