[linux-audio-user] Audio player which primitive mix

Carotinho carotinobg at yahoo.it
Mon Dec 26 11:03:13 EST 2005


Alle 19:30, domenica 25 dicembre 2005, David Haggett ha scritto:
> On Saturday 24 December 2005 12:54, Carotinho wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > I've been requested of an audio player able to crossfade between the last
> > seconds of a song and the first seconds of the following song in the
> > playlist. They told me it's a feature in Winamp 3 (although I'm not
> > sure).
> Just tried it in Amarok.  Works brilliantly.

Maybe I've not expressed properly. I've just compiled Amarok, but (aside for 
being a very nice software - why I didn't install it before!) what it can do 
is to fade out a song, and then fade in the following song, but not fading 
out the first while fading in the second, in the way a dj would do with the 
crossfader slider.

by the way, merry christmas, even if I'm late:)




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