[linux-audio-user] OT: Hardware Question-- Is this a 64bit system?

Thomas Ilnseher illth at gmx.de
Sat Dec 31 13:16:54 EST 2005

The Other schrieb:

>I bought a recycled HP x4000 Workstation with dual Intel Xeon 
>processors and Intel 860 Chipset.  (Came with no manuals or any 
Maybe it is.
It is if the XEON's are new enough.

BUT: the 860 is an pretty old intel chipset (iirc the professional version
of the 850), so chances very are high that your XEONS are pretty old and
do _not_ support 64bit.

if your xeons have less than 2.8 GHz, they are for sure not 64bit capable.

>It has both 32bit PCI slots and 64bit PCI slots.
this has nothing todo with the word size of your prozessor.
64bit PCI slots are just "professional", and achieve higher thruput than
32bit ones.

(not totally true; 64bit PCI slots also natively do 64bit adressing,
while the 32bit ones normally only do 32bit adressing. 64bit adressing
could also be done w/ the 32bit PCI bus, but very few 32bit PCI cards do
support this. But OTOH This only does matter if you have more than 4
GBytes of RAM, and want to do DMA to physical memory above the 4GB
barrier. In this case you need to use an IOMMU, or it will simply not be

64bit PCI slots also run commonly with 66MHz and 3.3V, which is indicated
by the key that is no near your case. you can plug combatible 32bit PCI 
(they have two notches, one for the 5V key, and one for the 3.3V Key)
in an 64bit slot, and you'll take advantage of the 66MHz.

>Is this a 64bit system?  Or is it a 32bit system with some 64bit PCI 
>I'm currently using an SMP 32bit kernel with DeMuDi to utilize the 
>full capability of this workstation.  Could I be using a 64bit SMP 
>kernel instead?  And if so, where would I find such a kernel?
As stated before, most likely, you can't.

>Thank you,

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