[linux-audio-user] Advice Saxophone Music

Mel Steinberg saxofon at charter.net
Sat Jan 1 05:24:29 EST 2005

Hi Glenn,

     I'm a professional saxophonist/saxophone teacher.  I would 
recommend the Universal Method for Saxophone by Paul DeVille, published 
by Carl Fischer.  It's the "Bible" of large saxophone studies, dating 
from 1908.  The Marcel Mule series from Leduc is excellent, too.  If you 
have any other questions you might want to E-Mail me directly, as this 
is pretty off-topic for a Linux group.  Happy 2005!

     SuSE 9.1
     Fedora Core2

Glenn McCord wrote:

> Gidday everyone. This is not a Linux topic but I'm sure there must be 
> some saxophonists amongst you.
> I need to get some more intermediate level Saxophone music for 
> teaching purposes. I've got some good James Rae books and have been 
> getting the best stuff out of Fake books but good music is hard to 
> come by. Very few sax players want to learn classical and lots of the 
> jazz stuff gets hard pretty quick.
> Any advice for books? Heck, even throw me the name of a good theme 
> tune so that I can write it out. I always like using the Indianna 
> Jones theme.
> Cheers.

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